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Igniting A Renaissance of Spirit Through Magick, Mystery, and Majesty
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Circle of Transformation?
A. We are a teaching group that concentrates on the "Old Ways" of the Craft of the wise. There is no monetary charge for this as we learn as much from those who come as they do from us.

Q. Why Transformation?
A. We transform from the moment we are born. We transform from infant to toddler, from teen to adult. But that is more physical than mentally or emotionally. There are many adults that never make it past the adolescent stage in their mental or emotional level. There are many who reach a point in their life that by choice or turn of events decide that this is their comfort zone. Never looking or obtaining the tools necessary, they never know if this is the best "me" they can be. We want to help you find the tools to assist you in being the best "me" you can be. "The dark moment that the caterpillar calls the end of the world is the sun-filled moment the butterfly calls the beginning."

Q. What is the "Old Way"?
A. There was a time, a time before the persecution brought on by men out of fear of women. A time when all life itself was revered and woman was held in esteem for her ability to give life. In this time, men were consorts to the women, a partnership. Women were the healers, the teachers, the mothers, and lovers. This was a time of natural magic, what we call science today. This was before Gardner, Buckland, Leland, felt safe to finally take the words passed down from the generations and write them down. From these writings Neo-Pagans developed today's version of Witchcraft and take these writings as absolutes. What we have learned is that in the craft of the wise there are no absolutes, save Mother Nature herself, the oldest way to live ones life.

Q. Why do you call it the Craft of the Wise?
A. Craft of the Wise is just one of the many names given to Witchcraft. Due to the negative connotations that "witchcraft" has been given by Hollywood, the media and other religions, some are not comfortable with the word. We prefer this term, as it is non - threatening when speaking to others of our beliefs, should they ask.

Q. How old do you have to be to be a witch?
A. Most teachers of Wicca will not take students under the age of 18. They may make exceptions for children of their adult students. There is no age limit on study however, but we never recommend anyone pursue the study of Wicca or anything else without their parents' knowledge and approval.

Q. What about the word "witch"?
A. There are many thoughts on how this term came into use. Witchcraft itself means wise craft according to the Old English definition. Witch refers to the practitioner. There are also terms such as natural witch or hereditary witch. The term natural witch refers to someone who is "born" a witch. You can no more be born a witch than you can be born a rocket scientist. As with anything, this Craft is a learning process. Hereditary witch refers to teachings passed down from one witch to another in a family. Still a learning process, just a way of showing respect to the family member that taught the craft.

Q. What about "Satan" or the "Devil"?
A. We do not recognize "Satan" or the "Devil" in this religion, those are characters from the Judeo-Christian belief. We are a polytheistic religion and Goddess based. That does not mean that we do not recognize a negative side to life. As Mother Nature has a duality, so does our life.

Q. How does one become a Witch
A. There are two ways to become a Witch, either by self-initiation and self-study or through a group or coven, being initiated by the High Priest and High Priestess. It is then their responsibility to teach that person the ways of the Craft. Both are acceptable ways to become a Witch. Some prefer a group since it usually becomes an extended family. But let me emphasize one thing, knowledge comes from study and no one is born a Witch. Should this be the life path that you choose, you will soon find that the more you learn the more there is to learn, hence the transformation process continues.

Q. Is this a real religion
A. Yes, Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Wicca are all recognized by the Federal government as legitimate religions. There are numerous churches of the Wicca belief through out the United States. We are also given recognition by the US Armed Forces as the chaplains are taught our principals.

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